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Luoyang Ruiguang Movie-tv Optic-electronic Technology Co., ltd.

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Company introduction
Luoyang Ruiguang was founded in 1994 as a monitor manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company is headquartered in Beihang Science Park of the State-level High-tech Development Zone in Luoyang and has more than 100 employees through 22 years of development. It established a monitor sales center and a R&D center in Beijing and Shenzhen in 2000 and 2003, respectively, and has offices in Nanjing, Chengdu and Chongqing. The business scope covers the whole process from pro-phase shoot and post production of film and TV to program broadcasting. In 2001, China’s first RUIGE 5-inch portable color LCD was gorgeously shown at BIRTV, attracted broad attention and received high praise with impressive sales performance, creating a new application field of LCD products and putting an end to dependence on import of professional LCDs. The company attaches importance to independent R&D with “RUIGE LCD intended for specialization” as the direction. As a solutions provider of overall display terminal in China’s film-television industry, RUIGE LCD not only is dedicated to researching the proper use of professional monitor, providing more practical products, but also provides industry users with differentiated and personalized overall supporting solutions and professional services, for comprehensively improving the user experience. For different industries and different applications, RUIGE provides a number of monitor color management schemes based on international standard, which has pushed forward the process of standardization and internationalization of monitor industry in China. The company attaches great importance to self research and development, and invests millions of dollars to it annually. The company has a R&D team composed of industry experts and senior talents, and has more than 10 patent application and software copyright protection; has built sound and complete quality assurance system for R&D, production, sales and follow-up services, has invested and equipped various test instruments and production testing and aging facilities and equipment with industry standard; has 10 kinds of professional monitor products of 5 categories such as field type, desktop type and rack mount type. With the popularization of 4K technology, see a new round of technology upgrading and booming in film-television industry will come along, based on the R&D technology accumulation of monitor, the company has provided powerful support for its products and the upgrading and transformation of the overall display application solution, and has realized its perfect transformation to new technology field. Sales channels, which is a win-win platform built by the company over the years and is accumulated huge advantages. Since 2001, RUIGE has begun to distribute in domestic channels, sales branches were established in 23 provinces across the country successively. In recent years, based on the changes in demand and users buying habits in domestic and foreign monitor markets, the company has built effective marketing network, and has over 600 partners of various channels. What’s more, the company actively expands overseas business, having participated in the world top 2 film and television equipment exhibitions respectively hosted by Las Vegas USA (NAB) and Amsterdam, Netherlands (IBC) for consecutive 12 years, and has set up a branch office in California, America.